We offer cash purchase or rent-to-buy.

      Ultrasound against algae, bio film, bacteria and odour.
      Saves expenses of 
chemicals, work and maintenance. 

                    GO 100% GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE                                                   
Water management: ALGEFREE have delivered our ultrasonic systems all over the world for 13 years. We control and stop algae, biofilm, bacteria and odour wherever needed. We are proud to say that we not only TRY, but we utmost to go the extra mile in helping our clients to understand the causes and implications of their problems, as well as helping them discover the best options possible.


ALGAEFREE is the reference company for the ultrasound water management industry and represents the best technology the world has ever seen.
We are the genuine, qualified, professional and helpful team which gives our customers excellent service.
Our 13 years with testing, experiences, sales and fantastic references is your safety and guarantee.
We design and solve all your algae problems, bio film and bacteria where ever needed.
Satisfied customers all over the world.


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