What comes with the solar PONTOON system:
Factory assembly, 2 batteries, battery box enclosure, bird deflectors (4), solar charge controller, LED navigation light, solar pontoon frame with 9 solar panels in a grid ALPHA 4-ways Sonic Head unit.

It also includes:

1) a heavy chain through and under the middle of the pontoons that is used to attach to an anchor (note anchor and mooring line is not included),
2) reflectors on the assembly for better night time visibility,
3) connecting cables from the solar panels plus a junction box where the individual panel
inputs are combined to a single cable outlet to the charge controller,
4) an attachment chain to
hang the ALPHA 4-ways to the frame with D-shackles, carabiner, zip ties, etc.
5) easy lift struts to add spring lift for the panels making it easy to open for on the water inspection,
6) handles on the corners to make it easy for four people to manually lift the entire assembly into
the water. 7) switches to turn off the batteries and solar charge controller.


Emit sound waves to create an environment of critical structural resonance. The resonance causes a very unique environment in the immediate vicinity as it can critically vibrate internal parts of green algae and diatoms causing them to internally tear apart preventing proper fluid flow.  In blue-green algae, this effect causes gas vesicle tubes to break causing loss of buoyancy and they sink out of light. The resonance also causes bacteria to avoid colonization because it is similar to water turbulence, a condition they avoid in nature. This helps to keep the walls clean. The prevention of the initial bacterial growth eliminates the attachment of algae, barnacles, and other crustaceans.

If the mines has problem with chlorella, bacteria, biofilm, green, and  blue-green algae, ALPHA 4-ways is the only green solution there is.


Biofilm is a coating of bacteria or microbes, which develop, due to an interaction between the surface and micro-organisms.
Biofilm is an advanced community of micro-organisms (such as bacteria, fungi and viruses) which are wrapped in a self-generated, protective slime. Micro-organisms prefer a life of biofilm. We find biofilms everywhere in nature, where there is moisture and nourishment, indeed on the mucous membranes and other surfaces in the body.

The formation of biofilm occurs in water pipes, water tanks and the like. Usually they consist of relatively harmless micro-organisms, but can also allow contaminants to gain a foothold, grow and develop in these biofilm. Biofilm can thus become a reservoir of infection, both directly and indirectly, i.e. if the water is used in offices for the production of food.

We must develop new strategies to both, prevent unwanted biofilms and to remove the finished-formed bio films. In addition, more knowledge about the ‘anti bio film effect’ of traditional methods, ‘bio-prospecting’ will become be important.


ALPHA system is very effective with Powerfuel Transducer and extact footprint for the different tubes at the prevention of algae and bacteria formations and drastically reducing the chemical requirements, reducing maintenance costs and improving efficiency.

Like Chillers and cooling towers represent a substantial capital investment and are often the largest single contributor to operating and energy costs in commercial facilities. It is therefore paramount to maintain the highest possible efficiency from any chiller system and ancillary / supply pipe network or condenser / cooling tower. The use of Ultrasonic Bio Fouling and Descaling protection helps to maintain chiller and pipe networks for the highest efficiency possible from any given system. By maintaining, descaling and treating the water for algae in both the chiller and the feed pipes the ALPHA Fouling Prevention system drastically improves cooling inefficiencies and saves money.