ALPHA ultrasound system control Blue Green algae in the water obstacles on the green and even clean up the toxic laces.
It critically vibrate internal parts of Green algae and diatoms causing them to internally tear apart preventing proper fluid flow.
Save huge maintenance and required \work 
Great result in a few weeks time.
One time investment

ALPHA ultrasound system emit sound waves to create an environment of critical structural resonance. The resonance causes a very unique environment in the immediate vicinity as it can critically vibrate internal parts of green algae and diatoms causing them to internally tear apart preventing proper fluid flow.  In blue-green algae, this effect causes gas vesicle tubes to break causing loss of buoyancy and they sink out of light. The resonance also causes bacteria to avoid colonization because it is similar to water turbulence, a condition they avoid in nature. This helps to keep the walls clean. The prevention of the initial bacterial growth eliminates the attachment of algae, barnacles, and other crustaceans
Effective treatment to control algae. Use of ultrasound through water can eliminate up to 95% of existing bacteria and algae and controlling growth and thus reduce or eliminate the need for chemical dosing. ALPHA system prevents the formation of new algae in both sessile and planktonic form.
Drastically reduce the use of chemicals ultrasound improves the reaction between chemicals and reagents to better effect when necessary. When algae and bacteria is drastically reduced through the use of ALPHA systems we can drastically reduce or even eliminate the requirements for chemical dosing

These systems kill the Blue Green algae bio film and anaerobic bacteria issues. 

For small ponds like in Golf  courses, we recommend ALPHA 2-ways. Easy to install, just plug and play.

240V AC or 180V DC for solar panel.

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