ALGAEFREE model ALPHA ultrasound system is revaluation for swimming pools.


Rental Deals

                                                                                  Alpha 2-ways RENT from $220 per month + GST                 
                                                                                  Alpha 4-ways RENT from $362 per month + GST




Having trouble with pool algae? If so, know that you’re not alone. Green pool algae is the most common issue that most pool owners face, along with stubborn black algae (black spot) and mustard algae, following close behind. It may only show up in little spots in your pool that have poor circulation, in witch ultrasound will solve the problem, prevent them and stop the issue from coming back.
Green algae is the most common form of swimming pool algae as it grows due to a lack of proper sanitisation and filtration alongside a high pH. Usually, you’ll see this algae floating in your swimming pool or on the pool walls, potentially causing your entire pool to turn green. You can also se them free floating. The good thing about this type of algae is that it’s easy to get rid of without swimming in CHEMICALS.




Common algae treatments sold for your swimming pool keep the water clear but at what cost?
Chemicals like potassium tetraborate and cyanuric acid have been implicated in a range of health
concerns from DNA damage to pet food recalls in recent years. While quaternary ammonium compounds
have been associated with issues from skin and eye irritation to fertility problems and birth defects.
With ALPHA ultrasonic algae control systems you can reduce, and even eliminate the need for these chemicals 

System includes: power supply, transducer and float.

ALPHA Swimming Pool Transducer systems provide environmentally safe and efficient control of algae and biofilm growth.
The sonic transducer disables algae using critical structural resonance without causing harmful cavitation.
Bacterial biofilm growth is controlled by mimicking continuous water turbulence to prevent colonization


Fixed stand like this in corner of the swimming pool:



The advantage of ultrasound in swimming pool:

Control algae
Prevent bio fouling and bacteria
Quickly reduce pH and percentage of total suspended solids
Reduce algae in pump/processing equipment and reduce chlorine, THM and HAA usage.



ALGAEFREE Alpha 2-ways remediation systems
used to rid swimming pool of water boatman and backswimmer insects in Dubai community pool.

Despite the community’s best efforts, including draining the pool and chlorination, these pesky insects still remained in water.

It took ONE DAY after the installation of a single ALPHA 2-ways ultrasonic algae remediation system
to see positive results and in THREE DAYS, these insects were completely gone.

By removing BIOFILM from the water, these bugs lost their food source and no longer inhabited the water area. 




ALPHA ultrasound system emit sound waves to create an environment of critical structural resonance. The resonance causes a very unique environment in the immediate vicinity as it can critically vibrate internal parts of green algae and diatoms causing them to internally tear apart preventing proper fluid flow.  In blue-green algae, this effect causes gas vesicle tubes to break causing loss of buoyancy and they sink out of light. The resonance also causes bacteria to avoid colonization because it is similar to water turbulence, a condition they avoid in nature. This helps to keep the walls clean. The prevention of the initial bacterial growth eliminates the attachment of algae, barnacles, and other crustaceans
Effective treatment to control algae. Use of ultrasound through water can eliminate up to 95% of existing bacteria and algae and controlling growth and thus reduce or eliminate the need for chemical dosing. ALPHA system prevents the formation of new algae in both sessile and planktonic form.
Drastically reduce the use of chemicals ultrasound improves the reaction between chemicals and reagents to better effect when necessary. When algae and bacteria is drastically reduced through the use of ALPHA systems we can drastically reduce or even eliminate the requirements for chemical dosing.


Decorative ponds and fountains

The maintenance on a decorative fountain or pond of any size is tremendous. Due to algae, biofilm, and other bacteria, these systems need constant flushing and cleaning. E. Coli and Salmonella can be EASILY transmitted from fountain generated mist into the system of a passer-by. With ALGAEFREE HBS technology installed into the holding tanks for larger public fountains, we have been able to reduce the necessity for flushing and cleaning of public fountains from once every two weeks to once every three months by keeping those systems free of algae, biofilm and associated bacterial growth! In this application, an effective ALPHA 2-ways system will pay for itself in the first year and your chemical usage will be drastically reduced if not eliminated altogether. Your smaller ponds will experience the same effect with an ALPHA 2-ways transducer placed directly in the pool. Spend more time enjoying your safe, clean, and beautiful water features and less time cleaning them.


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