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This model has to be mounted in the water about 75 cm under the pier. Algaefree covers approximately 60 metres of pier length. HEAVY DUTY SYSTEMS comes in 316 Steel Case. Mod. HDS AC 240 volt and control box. We also deliver EXTRA transducer 316 Stainless Steel Case (without control box) 

Fish Farms

In April 2014, we launched the upgraded FISH FARM model with PCB “Printed Circuit Board” electronics with power of 330W it has the frequencies and power to prevent algae growth and potentially kill the sea lice that can infect the fish in these environments.


Algaefree was developed 4 years ago and is produced in Holland to this day with an ongoing commitment to further research and development to ensure our products remain at the cutting edge of Ultrasound antifouling technology. Our 50W has been on the recreation boat market for four years with convincing and proven results

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